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From a young age, I have been aware of my ability to engage with Spirit, both physically and mentally. As any child would be, I was confused and bewildered by by these supernatural experiences, but fortunately for me my mother was also a highly sensitive medium, and was able to help me understand the happenings unfolding before me. 


My passion has always been to work with Spirit, and thanks to my “pioneer” mentors and 30 years of development, I have been able to advance my my abilities to levels I would never thought was possible.


Throughout my journey, I have been able to evolve my clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient mediumship abilities, granting me the ability to see, feel and hear spirit.


My first mentor was a wonderful medium; Doreen Elston. I was guided by the Spirit to Doreen’s awareness circle in Nottingham. She was a very strict mentor and I spent six years of development with her. It was Doreen who guided me while I delivered my first platform communication in a Spiritualist Church. 


After many years with Doreen, she kindly invited me to her home development circle, which really enabled me to enhance my spiritual capabilities. This was undoubtably the next step in my spiritual journey. It was during this time that Dorren introduced me to the teachings of the ‘Lyceum’, which is a spiritual school developed by one of the Spiritualist pioneers, Andrew Jackson Davies. 


During my life I had always struggled with ‘Dyslexia’ and have never been able to grasp the concept of reading and writing, no matter how hard I tried through-out school. The ‘Lyceum’ became my spiritual school, as well as my academic, and through the use of energies and spiritual guidance, I was taught to read and write which was a vital skill for me to finally learn. It was an enlightening experience for me and really helped me to learn things in a different way to conventional teaching methods which had never worked for me before. 


From there on I was invited as a student, to join the ‘JV Trust’  to spend a week at ‘The Arthur Findlay College’ to help me develop further. It was during my time that I was fortunate enough to form amazing friendships and really connect with people. One of those fiends was a man called Eric Hatton. Eric was an honoured president of the SNU (Spiritualist National Union) as well as the president of Strourbridge Spiritualist Church; a true pioneer of Spiritualism.


During our time together Eric told me that I would become a tutor at the college, I completed doubted Eric as I believed this would be impossible. However, Eric became my closest mentor and friend, and to my amazement I did eventually teach at the Arthur Findlay College. 


During my time with Eric my journey really began to unfold and develop at quite a fast pace. I was invited to serve many Spiritualist Churches and Centres all over the UK, then began to receive invites from other countries in Europe where I now teach and demonstrate on a regular basis. It was at this time that I was asked to give my first interview with Sue Fowler who was the editor of the Psychic News, after this interview many more followed particularly in Germany where I was also interviewed on the Radio. 


Over the years I have evolved my ability to perform Trance mediumship. I have  now grown as a Trance Medium and give public demonstrations to small private groups, where my wonderful spirit team will speak to the people and deliver the teachings of the Spirit. 


I am also a Physical Medium, I am constantly improving this aspect of my mediumship. I sit every week with Louisa -my partner- who helps to give energy for my development. We have had many wonderful things happen in our home circle such as apports and spirit lights, and I am now also able to produce the ectoplasm. 


I now have my own Spiritual School with my partner Louisa called ‘Starlight international’.  have dedicated my life to spreading the teachings and the word of the Spirit through my readings, demonstrations and lectures.. We have dedicated our lives to bring spiritual practices to the world and bring comfort to those who need it. 



Paul Brereton 

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