About Louisa 

As a child I was aware of my strong sense of intuition; receiving premonitions about significant events in my life in the form of vivid dreams, which allowed me to explore the basics of the spiritual realm from a young age. 


My Spiritual journey to improve my abilities began in my early twenties when I attended a spiritual conference. During my visit I was introduced to a well-known medium who made me aware of my capabilities which had not been explored before.


The next day the medium kindly invited me to participate in a seminar, and I was asked to join them on stage. Once on the stage the medium asked me to pick someone out in the audience. Immediately, I felt a strong energy which drew me towards a lady in the audience. 


To my surprise, I was instructed by the medium to tell the lady my first thoughts. As this came upon me, my mind flooded with information about the lady, who I had never met before; she deemed all of it to be true. I was then aware of another energy; it was a presence from the Spiritual World. As I continued, the ladies Uncle came through who had been killed in a mining accident. I provided her with information about how he had died, details about his life, following a personal message from her Uncle.


Once finished, the lady spoke out and said that everything which I had said was factual and true. This occurrence was strange to me as this was the first time I had done this. My mind filling with thoughts, the presence of such strong energy around me, and the recognition of my true ability was an amazing realisation for me. I knew from this moment that this was the first of many demonstrations to come, and it was now time to explore my capabilities in the spiritual world.


This is when my Spiritual journey really took off. I trained as a Healer, Aromatherapist and Reflexologist to help people with their wellbeing. I began to learn the Tarot and how to work with cards. From there I started work as a Healer with a famous Psychic Surgeon. Whilst performing Healing, I started to receive messages from their loved ones in the Spiritual World. With their permission I would then pass the information onto my patients.


This is where it all began, and I followed a beautiful journey of spiritual enlightenment. 


After many years off development I had people asking me to start a home circle, so I started a small private circle at my house in Hertford, where many wonderful mediums began to develop their spiritual engagement. 


At this time I had started to serve the Spiritualist Churches in the UK. I was taking Services all over the country, I travelled far and wide, from the Southern areas to the Norther territories.


I was also studying for my CSNU in Speaking & Demonstrating (Certificate of the Spiritualist Nationalist Union). I worked very hard  to achieve this over a 2 year period, followed by my CSNUt (Teaching Certificate of the Spiritualist Nationalist Union). I completed the duration of the training, but I took a very difficult decision to  not take the final examination of the CSNUt due to personal reasons.   


I found that the teaching aspect came very naturally to me, and showed me that my passion derives from teaching and helping others develop, so I decided to encompass this journey. 


I love to use my creativity; designing all our seminars from scratch really allows me to engage in these senses. I now spend most of my life teaching others and helping people on their journey of Spiritual Development. 


My passion has also always been within writing. I am a published Author with articles in Psychic News and many other spiritual magazines. In 2018 I published my first book on Mediumship Development called ‘The Secrets of Traditional Mediumship’. I have also appeared on Sky TV and been interviewed on Radio. 


I now travel with my partner Paul, helping others and spreading the word of the Spirit through our teaching, demonstrating and lectures.

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