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 About Paul & Louisa 

Spiritual Mediums, Coaches, Mentors, Trance Mediums & Heilers

Paul Brereton & Louisa Marie Sullivan are International Mediums from the UK both with over twenty eight years experience. They travel the world teaching, healing, demonstrating, giving talks & lectures on spiritual development & mediumship. Featured on TV, Interviewed on Radio & recently featured in Psychic News. They also have their own spiritual school called ‘Starlight International’. 


Paul Brereton has been a demonstrating medium & tutor for 28 years. Having been a tutor at the Arthur Findlay College, Paul now currently tours the UK and Europe teaching, demonstrating and lecturing. Paul has been featured in ‘Psychic News’ in a private interview about his life. Mentored and trained by Eric Hatton, currently Paul works in Germany teaching and giving large public demonstrations. Paul is a Trance and Physical Medium who works very closely with an amazing spirit team. Just recently Paul was interviewed in Germany by an online TV Chanel. 


Louisa Marie Sullivan is a Platform Medium, Speaker, Author, Healer, Trance Medium, Circle Leader & Tutor of Spiritual Development with 28 years experience. She has appeared on Sky TV and been interviewed on Radio. Holding a teacher training certificate (PTLLS). She is a published writer; with articles in 'Psychic News', 'SNU Today'. 'Silent Voices' and recently featured in 'Chat its fate’ magazine. Louisa has recently published her first book called ‘The Secrets of Traditional Mediumship’. 


Paul & Louisa work together giving large public demonstrations of mediumship, seminars and lectures. They travel the UK and Europe and have a large following in Germany and the UK. They work in a very unique & different way especially during a demonstration. Paul is well known for performing four links at a time, &  Louisa works in a different way of light trance mediumship, both mediums provide evidential demonstrations also offering a double link at the end where they link into the same communicator. Each bringing the love and comfort to those in need. Paul and Louisa work from the heart and their aim is to spread the word of the Spirit through philosophy and evidence of the afterlife.