About Paul & Louisa 

We are both Spiritual Mediums, Coaches, Mentors,Trance Mediums & Healers

We are both are International Mediums from the UK with over thirty years experience.


We travel the world teaching, healing, demonstrating, giving talks & lectures on Spiritual Development & Mediumship.


We have been Featured on TV, Interviewed on Radio & recently featured in Psychic News.


When we first met we both had the same dream; to be able to bring the teachings of the Spirit in a very unique way, and to deliver the teachings in an environment conducive to Spiritual Development. We have now achieved this dream and have our own spiritual school called ‘Starlight International’. 

We both work and live together teaching wonderful students all over the world.

We demonstrate our Trance & Mediumship to the public, and travel the UK and Europe to spread the word and the teachings of the Spirit.


The Spirit is our life and our passion and when we work we always work from the heart; our aim is to spread the word of the Spirit through philosophy and evidence of the afterlife. 

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