Spiritual Coaching Program 

Begins 2020

  • What would you like to achieve in your Spiritual Development? 

  • Unlock your Spiritual Gifts & Abilities 

  • Release Fear & Limited Beliefs 

  • Discover Your Full Potential 

This is a  six month personal coaching program designed those who wish to develop a specific  spiritual ability/gift and reach a specific goal. 


Coaching and Mentoring are quite different. In Mentoring we focus on the overall development of the individual and in coaching we will support you to identify your unique ability and to achieve a specific goal in a step by step process. You will be guided very carefully by Paul Brereton and Louisa Marie Sullivan who have both worked and tutored in the area of Spiritual Development for over 28 years and are experts in all fields of mediumship from Healing, Spirit Communication, Trance and Physical Mediumship and so much more! Paul and Louisa are the perfect people to guide you to reach for the stars and achieve your dreams. 


If you are not already aware of your spiritual ability or gift we will work with you to identify this. Perhaps you wish to develop the art of Spirit Communication, Healing, Trance or Psychic Art, whatever your ability or gift is we will work with you to help you unfold and develop your unique ability and work towards your specific goal to achieve your dream whatever it may be. 


Once your ability/gift and goal are clearly identified the fun can then begin. You  will be supported to develop your specific ability through development and training over the six month period. During this time you will also have step by step goal plan to ensure that you are working towards your goal. You will be guided very carefully so that you stay on track and stay focussed and motivated. You will learn how to set goal plans which really work for you & taught how to use the power of positivity and cosmic ordering to manifest your goals exactly how you want them. When we work with the power of the universe, let go of fear and stay focussed magical and amazing things can be achieved, step out of your limited beliefs to broaden your horizons. 



Whatever your goal or wish is the first step is to help you identify it, then set goals and work towards them in a structured but magical way. Reach for the stars because we believe that the world is your oyster and that there is so much ability in each person which has yet to be discovered.


Join us fo this very unique and magical journey and we guarantee you will not look back, the experience is life changing in a positive and unique way. We will give you the tools to work in this way in the future so that when you have a new goal to achieve you will know exactly how to make the magic happen and to bring it to life.  


‘A coach transports people from who they are too who they wish to be’.


Some of the abilities and gifts we can help to develop are: 

  • Spirit Communication 

  • Healing 

  • Spiritual Surgery 

  • Psychic Art 

  • Card Readings 

  • Tarot Card Readings

  • Animal Communication 

  • Trance 

  • Physical Mediumship 

  • Demonstrating Mediumship 

  • Public Speaking 

  • Inspirational Speaking 

  • Working with Crystals 

  • Meditation 

  • And Much More! 

Some of the subjects covered during the six months: 


  • How to Identify your path / What is your purpose in life 

  • Identifying & Developing your unique ability or gift

  • Letting go of fear & eliminating limited beliefs 

  • Formulate & follow an action plan 

  • Goal Setting (long and short term)

  • The Power of Manifestation 

  • Positive thinking

  • Staying focussed & passionate about your development 

  • Wellbeing 

  • Self Belief

  • Achieving Success in your chosen field

  • And Much More! 

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