Spiritual  Retreat

If you are looking to escape the stress of a busy life, fully relax, learn, transform and rejuvenate, and find inner peace and well-being, a Spiritual Retreat is just for you.

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About Our Spiritual Retreats

We have selected places and places that are conducive to spiritual development. You can free yourself from the daily activities of life and flee to a place of peace, tranquility and spirituality to find your own inner peace and tranquility. Your spiritual journey with us begins from the first moment you arrive. You will enter a place where you can forget your physical life for a short time and connect with the spiritual life, the spiritual aspect of who you really are. 

What Can You Expect 

During our retreats, we carefully put together the program for you so you can get the perfect combination of spiritual learning, but also the balance of relaxation and time out to recharge your batteries. 

It is not mandatory to attend the seminar every day, you can relax by the pool, take a walk in nature or visit a nearby beach or town for shopping. 


In the evenings we have time together to have some fun with drumming sessions, trance demonstrations and simply spending time with like-minded people chatting by the pool under a starry sky.

Healing The Inner Self 

When we learn to connect with our spiritual inner self, we can find true enlightenment and peace. Before we can become a medium, we must first learn to connect with the inner spiritual self. 

If we succeed, this amazing transformation will take place and we can find inner contentment and peace.

The Spiritual Connection 

Once we have begun the development of the Inner Self and have begun to connect with the spirit within us, we can then learn to become more connected with the divine energy around us and to connect with the spirit in the spiritual world. Then the magic really begins in our lives. 

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