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The Facets of Healing 

With Paul Brereton 

A 6 Week Online Course 

You can begin anytime 

Study in your own home 

Study in your own time. 


Currently only available in English 


This is a six week online course with Paul Brereton. Each week you will receive an email from Paul containing videos, meditations and information sheets all carefully guiding you through the course. If you wish to and ask Paul questions please feel free to email him directly.  All that is required from you is an email address and your time. 


Healing is an ancient art of using energy to provide ease to the physical, spiritual & emotional body. It has been used for thousands of years and is a very natural way of bringing comfort to another. Healing energy is brought from Spirit, through Spirit and to Spirit as the energy works through the channel. As energy passes through to the recipient it will be sent to areas of the body which are in need. The energies can be felt by the recipient when administered by a competent healer. Some people may respond better to healing than others and we will be covering more about this during the course. 


During this course you will be shown tried and trusted methods of healing you will also be taught about working with energies as this is the basis and groundwork of what you will be doing. Paul will show you the best and most effective ways to increase your awareness of energy and getting to know your healing guides and angels. 


Paul believes that to get the best from our healing we need to firstly understand how it works. He will be taking you on a journey of self discovery to find out your very own unique way of working with healing. There are many aspects of healing and you may find that working in a certain way suits you best. 


Agenda - What we will be covering 


  • What is healing
  • Energy  
  • Connecting & getting to know  with your healing Guides & Angels 
  • Taking Care of Wellbeing 
  • Being the best Chanel you can
  • Spiritual Healing 
  • Colour Healing 
  • Absent Healing 
  • Healing with Angels 
  • Hands of & Hands On Healing
  • Trance Healing
  • Why some healing works and why it may not work 
  • Psychic Surgery 
  • What can be healed - emotion & physical 
  • Preparing your self and the area in which you work Starting & Finish a healing session 
  • Healing Code of Conduct


The Facets of Healing - Online Course

80,00 €Preis