Readings with Louisa Marie can now be conducted on Skype or Zoom

Louisa works with the Spiritual Communication and The Tarot and will tailor your reading depending upon your needs at the time


Louisa offers:


  • Spiritual Communication
  • Spiritual Assessments
  • Tarot Readings


Would you like to hear from your loved ones in the Spirit world? Do you need some guidance right now?How about your Spiritual Path, a Spiritual Assessment can provide the guidance you need to start 2020 in the right direction


Once you have booked your Sitting With Louisa we will be in touch via E-Mail to book your appointment time and date


Please contact us to book your appointment now!


or see the link to our website on my profile page/ our website is also in English

A Private Sitting is the perfect opportunity to connect once again with your loved ones who have passed over into the Spiritual World.


During a Private Sitting Louisa will bring you the best possible communication from your loved ones in Spirit, combined with the evidence and guidance you need.


Louisa does not ask questions, or need information from you. The less she knows about you & your situation the better reading you will receive.


Louisa is a spiritual medium which means she is a channel for the Spirit and during a sitting Louisa will do her best to bring through the people who are dear to you.


You may receive communication from family members and friends sometimes there is more than one person who wishes to communicate with you. Your loved ones in the Spiritual World and also help with guidance in your own lives if that is what is needed.


The time spent with Louisa is private and confidential. There is nothing to be fearful of because a private sitting should be a beautiful experience providing the comfort and re-assurance that your loved ones do indeed continue in the afterlife. A private sitting will leave you feeling uplifted and empowered.


At the end of the sitting you will be given the opportunity to ask questions if Louisa has not covered all that you needed during your time with her.


Once you have booked your appointment with Louisa, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for you.


Appointments are available on Skype or Zoom

We can discuss this with you once you have booked your time with us.

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