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What is a Mediumship Sitting/Reading?

A mediumship reading is when the medium connects to a loved one or friend who is in the world of Spirit. The medium will bring evidence of your loved one so you know they are present and communicating with you. The medium may speak of memories you shared, details of the persons life, details of their passing, what they did for a job etc the list is endless on what the spirit may wish to bring to the sitter.

What is a Psychic Sitting/Reading?

A psychic reading is when the person conducting the reading links with the energy of the recipient, they link with the psyche to pick up detail regarding past, present and future events, emotions and feelings. They can give some detailed information about the recipient but this information is not coming from a loved one in the spirit world; it is simply coming from the aura & energy of

the recipient and the thoughts and feelings the guides may be relaying to the psychic. Information such as how many children you have, what job you do and what is coming up in the future can be relayed during a psychic readings. The psychic may use tools such as cards, the pendulum and crystal ball. This type of reading is usually good for life guidance, however, life guidance can also come during a mediumship sitting from the spirit world too.

Can I ask for a particular person in Spirit to come through for me?

When a medium connects to spirit they do not have control of who comes through to communicate with you. It is always a good idea to keep an open mind as to who might come through when having a mediumship sitting. The reason for this is because the medium often receives communication from more than one person in Spirit for you, and the person who you are wanting will more than likely come through as the sitting gets going. The first person who comes through may simple be the person building the energy for the sitting or who wants to be acknowledged. We have had situations where a person comes for a sitting just wanting to hear from one particular person and that can block the mediumship connection and it does not work.

What happens if there is no connection?

Sometimes a medium or psychic is unable to connect with the energy of the recipient or get a connection from the world of spirit. Energy is a delicate thing and many things need to be present and correct for the sitting to work. The medium or psychic will know within the first ten minutes whether the sitting is working or not. If there are many ‘no’s’ from the recipient and they simply do not understand the information which is being given then the medium or psychic will stop the reading and offer a full refund. If no money has changed hands then no fee will be charged. This is no fault of anyone it could just be that the medium is not the correct medium for the sitter or that a reading is not needed at that time.

How long should a Sitting/ Reading last for ?

It is difficult to put a time on as Sitting/Reading as when the information has been given which needed to be given the connection is usually broken, this is especially true during a mediumship sitting. Equally, sometimes the reading will need to go on for a prolonged period as there may be more to give and the spirit may have a lot to say.

How often should I have a Sitting/Reading?

We recommend that you do not have them too often and do not become reliant upon them. Every 3-4 months is suitable or even every 6 months. Some of our clients have them every year which is fine, it is important that you have one when you feel you need it, just not too often.

Will the Medium/Psychic tell me what I should do?

In our world we have something called “personal responsibility’ and the Universal Law of ‘Free Will’. The spirit can offer you options and show you different paths in your life but the final decision is always yours. A medium or psychic should never say to you that you must do this or you must do that. It is your choice and an ethical medium will not take away your ‘Free Will’.

What about future predictions?

Giving future predictions is fine if it really is something the spirit feels the person needs to know. However, a future prediction needs to be treated with caution simply because ultimately the decision and choice is always ours. There is a universal law called ‘Free Will’ which cannot be broken. This means that a medium may give you a future prediction and you walk out of the reading and make a different choice which then changes the outcome of the prediction. For example: you may be given a prediction that you will move house. You walk out of the reading and using your own ‘Free Will’ you decide not to move, which makes the prediction null and void. We will occasionally give future predictions but only if the spirit has made us aware of it a few times during the reading, only then will it be given.

Will a Medium/Psychic tell me of bad news?

We cannot speak for all Mediums & Psychics here but what we can say is that when we work with spirit it is not usually something we are given. If there was something that the spirit wanted to let you know about for example: If there were legal documents which needed to be looked over more carefully and the spirit made us aware of this we would certainly pass it on to you. However, we firmly believe that as mediums we are not shown negative events in peoples lives, we believe that spirit may warn you to show caution of certain things but that is it.

*Lastly a sitting/ reading whether it is psychic or mediumship or a combination of both should always leave you feeling uplifted, empowered and with a sense of clarity.*

Louisa Marie Sullivan & Paul Brereton

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