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Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Spiritual Awareness & Development

Back in the old days in England many Mediums would have begun their development by sitting in a circle called an ‘Awareness Circle’.

During this time they would develop their psychic gifts and inner self. They began to create an awareness of things such as energy, psyche, the auric field, chakras, working with tools such as the cards, ribbons, sand, and many more to develop their abilities and 'Clair Senses'.

Once they sat in ‘Awareness’ for sometime and the tutor felt that they were ready to begin connection to the Spirit, they would the be invited into a ‘Development Circle’. In this circle they would develop their 'spiritual gifts' and learn how to raise their vibrations and connect and communicate with the Spiritual World.

All this would take time and not all the people who sat in the 'Awareness Circle' would be invited to go on to the 'Development Circle' to develop spiritual gifts.

The development of spiritual gifts takes time

In our day and age we are in a society which is accustomed to ‘Immediate Gratification’. Some people have the mindset of wanting it all now and are not prepared to wait and dedicate time to their development.

I speak in general terms here; as there are the rare few people we come across in our seminars who are prepared to take time to develop correctly. It is these individuals who receive the gifts of the Spirit.

However, we feel that too many people sit in circle now for six months and think they are ready to approach the platform and go out into the public arena, which of course they are not.

However, we all have 'free will' and we cannot stop people from going off and doing their own thing and making their own mistakes; that is their lesson to learn.

The ones who are dedicated and wish to develop in the correct way will enjoy the gifts that the spirit bring. They will be taken through the wonderful steps of learning how to develop, this is a beautiful journey and cannot be rushed!

My partner 'Paul Brereton' sat in awareness circle for six years before he was allowed to even give a message.

After that he was invited into the private development circle by his tutor, where he sat for another four years to learn how to connect to Spirit. Only when his circle leader felt he was ready was he allowed to give a communication from the platform.

We so often see budding mediums who have developed for a short time, some only six or seven months and they think they are ready to deliver spirit communication to the public.

This is very dangerous both for the medium and the public as the medium is simply not ready.

I myself have been developing for over 28 years and I developed for 15 years before I would even consider myself ready for the platform.

As a medium we have a great responsibility to spirit, and to the people who seek us out for communication from their loved ones.

Some come to the medium in a very 'vulnerable state' and if the medium is not developed and experienced enough, this can have some very negative effects for the recipient.

To help people learn how to develop and train in the correct way Paul and I have created an opportunity for people to attend an ‘Online-Awareness Circle’.

When you join our 'awareness circle' you will be taught how to develop your psychic gifts in the correct way.

During your time with us you will have the opportunity to experience many different spiritual exercises to activate your spiritual senses and develop your abilities.

Paul and I both have many years of experience. It is through our knowledge and experience gained over this time that enables us to develop others.

This is another thing we see with many people too, they think they are ready to teach others, when they simply are not ready or experienced enough to do so.

The message we are trying to get across is this; when it comes to development of your psychic and spiritual gifts please take your time, be respectful to the Spirit and they will work with you and show you amazing things.

Do not try to run before you can walk, enjoy the journey for it is often on the journey that we learn and experience the most and not upon arrival.

For more information about our next Online-Awareness Circle please see the website :

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