The Spring Equinox - Ostara - 21. & 22. March

An equinox is a Pagan celebration when the day and night are equal in length. The Spring Equinox marks the first day of Spring and is a time to ‘Shake off’ the Winter and watch life start to grow again after the long Winter months.

Ostara which is also called the Spring Equinox, is the time to celebrate renewal of all things, and the beginning of growth, love & fertility. It marks the return of balance once again, as the light & the dark are again equal. It is a significant changing of nature from Winter to Spring.

It is a time to bless the seeds we have planted both in the ground and symbolically in our own lives. We can now know with certainty that the plans we made in the Winter months will now start to flourish and become real. Spring is a time of action and growth as we now move out of the slumber of Winter.

We begin to see the first blooms of nature as the daffodils show themselves to herald the start of Spring. We can be sure of the coming year and that Summer will soon follow.

We begin to awaken now in all ways, we begin to shed the heavy clothes of Winter and move into lighter clothing, this is also symbolic in the way that we can now feel lighter and more awake as the light returns into our everyday lives. The mornings are lighter and the days become a little longer.

Ostara is a powerful time to do magical work for new beginnings, communications, success, fertility and abundance.

We traditionally give coloured eggs as gifts during Ostara which are also a symbol of fertility for the future.

You can celebrate the Spring Equinox by burning green & yellow candles and incense of meadowsweet, mugwort or anything sweet at this time should be used.

In our busy lives we can sometimes miss these significant times of the year.

Spend just a few moments out of your day to acknowledge and honour the Spring Equinox for it is a wonderful time to celebrated bringing in the new for this year.

Many Blessings to You All

Louisa Marie Sullivan

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