The Power of Goal Setting

When you lack direction in life it can feel very frustrating & confusing. Many of you at some point in your lives will feel this way.

You might be feeling that you need a change in your life, but are unclear on what do or how to do it.

This is where the power of goal setting will help you. It will give you direction and motivation to achieve what ever it is you desire. But desire it you must!

Let’s look at it this way, life is for living not for existing. You are not meant to work just to live, to pay the bills and rent each month. There is much more to your life than this!

You might be at a stage now where you feel that what you are doing is not providing a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment. Perhaps you are fed up with your job, relationship, routine of life or simply just feeling empty. There is a need to fill this void within you, but how do you do this?

Do not worry there is help at hand, but you must do the work for it to be effective.

Are you ready to make a positive change in your life?

Are you ready to put in the time and invest your energy into making changes happen?

If you can answer YES to these questions then goal setting is for you.

Do you know that there is a difference between the success of people who set goals and those who do not?

There was a survey of a set of University students which was outstanding.

One set of students set goals when they left University and the others did not.

Guess What Happened!

Those who had not set goals had not achieved and those who did were doing well and had achieved success in their personal lives and careers.

But where do you start and how do you set goals?

Sometimes the first step any doing anything new is the hardest. Knowing where to start can be a challenge.

Below I have shared with you my own personal method of setting powerful goals which work. Please be aware that you will need to put in effort and time to activate your goals and keep on working towards them.

The 4 steps of goal setting:

  1. Identify what it is you want

  2. Know how to put a successful goal together

  3. Perform a Manifestation Ceremony

  4. Take Action

No goal will be effective if you do not know what it is that you want. This can be the biggest challenge. This will take some time for you to think and think deeply. Make sure you really want your goal, feel it, desire it & want it - I mean really want it. Spend some time in meditation and ask for help and guidance, ask your heart what it is you really need or desire.

You will also need a structured way of putting your goals together. Never underestimate the power of the written word. So write it down on paper. THIS MUST NOT BE DONE ON YOUR COMPUTER! it has to be written with normal pen and paper.

You will then need to know how to manifest and perform a ‘manifestation ceremony'.

Once all of the above are achieved you will then need to take action. For example: if you want a new car you will need to start to take action to achieve this in your physical world. You might need to start looking for the new car, think about how you will afford it. Or perhaps you want to learn something new, you will then need to start to find the course you want. Are you getting it now? Action will empower the manifestation process.


So the first thing is to really know what it is that you want, then to set the written goal, then to manifest it and the final step is to take action towards achieving your goal.

Refer to it constantly to remind you of what it is you desire, and to keep you on track. This is so much more powerful than setting a new years resolution which do not work. Goal setting is the way forward and will work only if you do the work.

Most importantly, enjoy the process and make sure that the goal you set really does stir desire within you, you need to really feel the goal emotionally.

Good luck and have fun with this process.

Many Blessings

Louisa Marie Sullivan

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