The Paranormal

Most people experience paranormal activity at some time in their lives

What is Paranormal Activity

At some stage in their lives most people will experience some form of paranormal activity at one time or another, even if we do not believe in such things.

Paranormal activity can present itself in a variety of ways. We may just simply hear noises in the house or experience things being moved, or perhaps there is simply a strange feeling in the property which you are unable to put your finger on. We are usually aware of the normal house noises our home makes, but paranormal noises are the ones that make you stop what you are doing and take notice, they are unusual to you. This is a gentle way for spirit to get our attention and causes no harm. You may find yourself simply thinking of loved one and then comes the noise, things like that.

Activity can also present itself in the form of smells and scents which are usually associated with a spirit person who is populating that particular building or area. Sometimes you may feel a draft where there is no actual wind or draft present, or you feel a pocket of air rush past you.

These are all methods which our dear spirit friends may use to let us know they are there and communicate with us. Very rarely we may experience actual physical movement of objects, such as things being moved and even thrown in extreme circumstances, this type of activity is usually unwelcome and unwanted by the living persons in the property, and may require an investigation and clearance if necessary.

What is a Paranormal Investigation

An investigation provides evidence of spiritual activity in a house or building. Sometimes it occurs in homes which are lived in and others can be derelict and uninhabited. A paranormal team will work together with experienced mediums to gather information prior to and during an investigation. They usually use specialised equipment to pick up noises, photographs and CCTV. They will work with equipment such as EMF monitors which picks up electro magnetic fields and can detect spiritual activity. They also use EVP which detects voices electronically, at times spiritual voices cannot be heard with the untrained ear, so this piece of equipment will detect spirit voices which the medium may of missed or not heard.

A well trained medium will be able to sense and feel spiritual energy present during a Paranormal Investigation

The mediums who work with a paranormal team will be trained to feel and sense energy, especially spirit energy. The team will gather their information via the senses of the mediums and the electronic equipment they use. They will sit in something called a ‘Vigil’ where the team will sit quietly with the medium and monitors and speak directly to the spirit or spirits present. Again they will be gathering as much information as they can about the spirit person and why they are presenting themselves in such a way to the living. The mediums will gather information about who the spirit person is and who they know at the property, they will try to find out what they want, if anything at all. Sometimes the spirit person has simply have not moved on and passed to the Spiritual world and this is where the mediums can work together with the energy of the team to send them over in love to the spiritual world. The mediums will work very closely with their spirit guides while performing this work. This practice does require knowledge and experience and is not recommended for the beginner or novice.

Why some Spirits do not pass over to the Spirit World ?

At time the Spirit person may not wish to pass to the spirit world. This can occur for many reasons. Some may be fearful, perhaps they did something wrong or harmed another in their life and fear being judged. This can happen when there are strong religious beliefs and they think they might be sent to hell or not allowed into the spiritual world. This of course is not true for are not judged, it is us who judge ourselves and forgive ourselves when the time is right. Perhaps the person does not wish to pass on from the Earthly plane because they are wanting to stay close to their physical environment or loved ones. The list is endless really and the reasons can be very personal for each individual spiritual person. Sometimes the spirit move objects and make noises simple to let their loved ones know they are around them.

How can a Paranormal Investigation help?

An investigation can help in many ways. It can help the living to understand what is actually happening in their home. During an investigation a good medium will perform a cleansing to remove any negative energies and raise the vibration within the property. If it is necessary and the team help the spirit to pass over to the light this usually has an immediate effect on the premises experiencing the activity. The air usually clears and those who dwell in the premises usually feel as though a weight has been lifted.

The team then work with the individuals to ensure that they know how to prevent this happening again by teaching them very simple protection methods for themselves and the property.

A Paranormal investigation works best when the team all have individual areas of expertise and different abilities. For example: mediums will work to locate and provide details of any spirit present, a Parapsychologist, a technical medium who works with the equipment and a medium who specialises in removing the dark entities/energies.

What is a dark or negative energy and what is a spiritual energy or entity?

I will begin first explaining the spiritual entity or energy. Spiritual energy is the energy of a person who has once lived here on the earth plane. Their spirit has not passed over any may be stuck, or perhaps they do not wish to pass over, and they want to remain here on the earth plane for whatever reason.

When people feel negative energy they are simply sensing the energy for a spirit person who is negative. In our world we all have positive and loving people and negative people too. The negative usually builds up due to negative things happening in or around the property, person or area. For example; we were called out to investigate a property experiencing paranormal activity. Upon investigation we discovered that the actual area surrounding the property had been used many years ago for hanging criminals. This area was affecting and house, even though it was a new build.

Some properties and people can continually attract negative energies, that is why we feel it so very important to teach people how to do protection and practice positive thinking as much as possible. You see negative entities thrive upon negative thoughts, words and actions.

If you feel you may have problems within your home or property please feel free to contact the GhostHunter NRW (Paranormal Team).

The GhostHunter NRW team has been working together for 10 years and Paul and I are happy to announce that we are the mediums on the team.

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