The Art of Psychic Self Defence

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

How do you know if you are the victim of an intended Psychic Attack?

Energy is all around us even though we may not be able to see it it with our naked eyes, it is present. Just like the radio waves of the radio : we cannot see them but they are there to make the radio work otherwise we would have no radio. In just the same way energy is around us and there is good and bad energy too. Some of us who are sensitive will feel this and others do not.

Those of us who are sensitive and can feel energy can be very affected by it. Sometimes it can be the energy of a place we visit which can affect us and at other times it can come from people. Some energy feels really nice and others not so nice.

When the energy comes from people we this can be in two ways: directly targeted at us through the adept sending negative energy to us to affect us in a negative way. At other times it comes from people who do not send it with the intention of sending negative energy, perhaps they are thinking or speaking about us in a negative way, or they or jealous of us for some reason and the sensitive will feel this.

In the first instance the sensitive will feel this subconsciously and may just feel out of sorts. If this is left unchecked the negative energy will manifest in the physical body and may be experienced by illness and dis-ease of the mind or the body, and sometimes it will affect both.

The sensitive person will feel energy more strongly than most

It is very important to be aware that there are invisible forces around us all the time. Some positive and some negative.

A deliberate psychic attack can be of varying strengths, and there are different types of psychic attack too. So one method of defence will not suit all types of attacks.

We firstly need to understand which type of attack is being sent to us. Then we need to identify the sender, only then can we defend out selves correctly. NEVER RESPOND TO A PSYCHIC ATTACK WITH AN ATTACK! This is the worst possible thing you could do because the natural law of CAUSE & EFFECT is very much in place and what we send out we receive back - and we definitely do not want this kind of energy back.

Here are 11 check points to ascertain whether or not you may be under a psychic attack:

1) Do things in general seem to be going wrong for you?

2) Have you been accident prone lately?

3) Have you been prone to unusual physical ailments lately?

4) Have you been feeling unusually depressed?

5) Have you been having more than your fair share of bad dreams of nightmares?

6) Have you been suffering from headaches or usual bouts of dizziness?

7) Do you feel tired or run down for not apparent reason?

8) Do you find yourself suddenly thinking negatively about everything?

9) Have you been behaving in an unusual fashion lately? Doing things out of character?

10) Have you been getting ill tempered and angry about things for no apparent reason?

Check these things carefully and if you find that quite a few of them are applicable to your situation then you could be the target of an intended psychic attack.

If you feel you are in the target of an intended psychic attack, what can you do about it?

Firstly you will need to :

Learn ways of getting rid of the attack and render the attacker impotent.

We also need to learn how to clear the energy and then put effective measures in place so the attack does not repeat or return to us. Learning effective ways to defeat our enemies is a powerful form of self defence when it comes to psychic attack.

Be very mindful our your thought processes - if you find yourself thinking negatively about something - change your thoughts immediately to a positive thought. For example; if you are thinking “I cannot cope right now” - change it to: “I am coping with this well”.

Do your very best to stay positive, take fresh air and regular exercise. Do not meditate until you have cleared the attack. If you have identified the attacker break all contact with them, get rid of anything they have given you, get it out of the house ASAP!

Do not have any PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH THE ATTACKER! Do not shake their hand or accept anything from them.

There are many other measures you can take to break the energy of the attack so it does not affect you any more, but there are far too many to mention in the is article. Please remember that to effectively rid yourself of the attack you will need to know the strength and nature of the attack, basically you need to now what you are dealing with and who is sending the attack to you.


Paul & Louisa

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