Do You Feel Confused?

How many of you are feeling confused right now? The Numbers uncovered

How many of you who are sensitive feel that there is something very strange going on behind the scenes at the moment?

When we first went into lockdown, I was quite content to focus on my writing, house cleaning, exercise and just generally having some time to reflect. I suppose it felt like having a little holiday from working life as we knew it.

However, as time as gone by and lock down has continued my mindset has changed.

I have been getting some very strong feelings about certain events which have been occurring in relation to the Coronavirus now known as Covid19.

I have been using my time to do some research into what is going on behind the scenes about things which some of us are not seeing or which is not being shown through the regular media channels because they are being censored.

I would like to take the opportunity to share some facts with you. I am not claiming to have all the answers but this is what I have found out and you can make up your own mind about what you think is happening.

The number of Deaths Worldwide each year:

  • Flu kills 646,000 every year worldwide

  • Cancer kills 10 million every year worldwide

  • Heart Disease kills 17 million every year worldwide

Covid19 had to date killed 117,000 worldwide ( this number was taken on 14. April 2020) do you think this number of deaths globally is enough to cause such catastrophes?

  • This virus has caused the world economy (especially in Western Countries ) to collapse.

  • It has taken away our freedom

  • It has closed down our businesses

  • People are losing their livelihoods which they have worked for all their lives.

  • It has stopped all major operations & consultations ( how many deaths will be a result of that)

  • It is causing job losses and record numbers of unemployment

  • It is causing starvation - 10,000 cars queued for a food bank in the USA last week

I have broken down the numbers for you:

Deaths each year worldwide due to Cancer, flu & heart Disease are 27,646,000

divide this by 12 months = 2,303,000 deaths each month worldwide

Deaths from Covid19 over 4 months = 117,000 /by 4 months= 29,250 per month world-wide

Flu, cancer and heart disease kill over 2 million people each month

Covid19 kills 29,250 each month.

If we look at just flu vs Covid19 we get these figures:

650,000 people die of flu each year worldwide divide by

12 = 54,166 people die of flu each month.

117,000 people have died of Covid19 worldwide to date divide by

4 = 29,250 people die of Covid19 each month.

To Summarise

Flu each month is : 54,166

Covid19 Each month is: 29,250

We can clearly see that more people die from Flu each year worldwide than from Covid19 so far.

Does it seem logical to shut down the world, destroy peoples livelihoods and business, destroy our economy over 117,000 deaths worldwide so far … I don’t know about you but to me something does not add up.

The journey of Covid19

I have tracked the path that the virus decided to take very carefully, and if you add some intelligence and logic into the mix one can see that things are not quite right here.

You might be saying to yourself that each country took different measures to contain the virus, but a virus is a virus with no intelligence and does not think about where it would like to go and who it would like to infect and to my knowledge viruses spread from county to country and do not jump across countries.

Below is a chart showing how the western countries have far more deaths than China and its surrounding neighbouring countries which remained mainly unaffected and largely still do.

I have to ask the question: why were the neighbouring countries to China hardly affected?

Let us take a look at some facts below:

China was the first country to have Coronavirus. It was the epicentre and had only 3,000 deaths.

Chinas population is 1,439 Billion.

None of the neighbouring countries to China had any significant Coronavirus outbreaks.

However, the virus apparently jumped over China’s neighbouring countries and found its way into Iran which has a population of 84 million and had 4,585 deaths from Coronavirus.

China's neighbours had hardly any cases of Covid19

Below is a chart showing how the western countries have far more deaths than China and its surrounding neighbouring countries which remained mainly unaffected and largely still do.

Gets you thinking doesn’t it?

How can a virus jump countries in this way? Surely the sounding countries of the epicentre would have been more affected.

Japan is next door to China and had no cases of Coronavirus until just recently. 2 weeks ago they switched on 5G in Japan and now they are in a state of emergency…..

The USA has a population of 328 million and has had 50,000 deaths to date compared to China which has a population of 1,439 Billion and only 3,000 deaths.

If you look at the worst affected countries they are the Western Countries.

The UK & USA are the worst affected countries in the world with 20,000 deaths in the UK and 50,000 deaths in the USA.

Does that get you thinking?

It certainly got me thinking. I have looked into this subject in-depth and there are so many things which do not add up.

I will be writing much more on this subject and taking each section bit by bit so you can take in the facts and information, and make your own mind up about what you think is going on.

I do feel the world population is sleepwalking into a very dangerous situation if we do not wake up to what is actually happening.

I am not suggesting I have all the answers, but please do your own research, start asking questions if things do not add up find out why and open your mind to what is going on.

Many Blessings to you all

Louisa Marie Sullivan

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