Organising An Event in Your Area or Centre

Paul and I are from the UK and we currently live in Germany. We travel extensively to other areas in Europe and Internationally too. 


We are dedicated to spreading the word of the Spirit through out work and our teachings. In our seminars we teach in a  way which is connected to the old traditional ways of Spiritism but also bringing a fresh modern approach in the way we deliver the information for the student. 


If we are not visiting your area or country and you are interested in inviting us to do a seminar, demonstration of Mediumship or Trance Demonstration please do feel free to get in touch with us to discuss how this could work. 

Some examples of events we can offer in your area/country 

Demonstrations of Trance & Mediumship: 


  • Trance Demonstrations with Paul Brereton 

  • Demonstration of Mediumship with Paul & Louisa 




  • The Art of Spirit Communication

  • The Art of Psychic Self Defence 

  • The Facets of Mediumship 

  • Mastering & Polishing your Mediumship 

  • The Mechanics of Mediumship 

  • Mediumship & Private Sittings 

  • Demonstrating Mediumship 

  • The Facets of Healing

  • The Power of Trance 

  • The Facets of Trance 

  • The Inner Self & Spirit 

  • The Spiritual Awakening 

  • Accessing Intuition 

  • Mediumship Mentorship Program (6 Month Course)

  • Mediumship Coaching Program (6 Month Course)


We design and create all our own seminars and events. 


If you are interested in speaking to us about organising an event in your area/country please do get in touch. 

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