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This is an online 6 week Tarot course. Each week you will be sent videos, worksheets, meditations all carefully guiding you through the journey of the Tarot & delivered to your email address. This is an excellent course for beginners & intermediate levels. 


For those who already use cards perhaps you would simply like to learn more about them, perhaps you only use a couple of spreads and wish to know more. 


You will learn how to go more in-depth with your readings to delivery more detailed information to your clients or for yourself. 


This course will deliver to you all you need to work with the Tarot  where ever you are on your journey. It is also a super way of increasing and awakening your connection to the cards & so enhancing your intuition and psychic senses. 


I have worked now with the Tarot for over twenty six years. They have been the main tool I worked with when I used tools for 1-2-1 readings for my clients. I have seen the Tarot ‘come alive’ and ‘speak to me’ and this is what I wish to share with those who are interested. When we learn to work with the magic of the cards this takes it to another dimension and the information we can receive can be outstandingly accurate. We can look at many aspects of life using the cards to receive guidance for others and ourselves too.


During this six week course we will be looking at working with the Tarot deck of cards. When used correctly these cards become your ‘friends’ working with you in the world of the etheric providing guidance and direction in all aspects of life. I believe the Tarot should ‘speak to you’ and when we learn how to activate the cards and work with them correctly then the magic begins. I do not believe in learning this from a book, I always suggest to read the book then throw it away. In this way your intuition will begin to work with the support of your friends ‘the cards’. 

Wether you are wanting to simply begin your journey with the Tarot or have been learning a little about it, this course is designed to heighten your sensitivity and increase your knowledge of the Tarot. It is not just about reading the cards but feeling them and learning how to connect to your higher self increasing sensitivity & awareness of the etheric.

It would be pleasure to help discover what is already there within you, and to really get the best out of your Tarot deck, after all they are our friends and as with all relationships we need to strengthen that bond to achieve the best possible result. 

Tarot is a means of predicting events or receiving guidance in both our inner (spiritual) or outer (manifest) world.

Tarot cards originated from the ancient Egyptian Masons.

To use correctly open you inner channel to receive guidance


During this course you will work on the following : 

  • Choosing your cards 

  • Activating your cards 

  • Taking care of your cards 

  • Linking the cards to you and  Connecting with the Spirit within to receive guidance 

  • Learning the meanings of the cards, the suits, the numbers etc - 

  • How the star signs link with the cards 

  • How to do a 3 card spread, the celtic cross and a relationship spread and more ! 

  • Asking specific questions 

  • What to do when there is no link 

  • Dealing with difficult clients 

  • Marketing yourself & your business 

  • How to advertise - what works and what does not

  • Being professional -dos and donts

  • Ethics & code of conduct 

  • Doing a reading using the Tarot Cards - How to start and finish 

  • Charges - what do I charge 

  • FAQ’s about a reading and much more ! 

Learn the Ancient Art of the Tarot - Online-Course

Learn the Ancient Art of the Tarot - Online-Course

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