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Live Events 


An evening of Mediumship is all about the communication of spirit and bringing the two worlds together. During the evening the medium will bring the evidence that your loved ones who have passed over into the world of spirit, do indeed continue on in the afterlife. Sometimes our loved ones simply want to let us know that they are ok and that they are still around and see what goes on in our world.  This will bring the reassurance and comfort that you may be needing. The medium is simply the channel for the spirit. The medium will bring the memories and messages from your loved ones which you need to hear. There is nothing to be fearful about an evening with spirit because it will leave you with no doubt that your loved ones do indeed continue in the afterlife. 

Live Trance Demonstrations 

Trance is a very gentle and beautiful blending of spiritual energies and some mediums have the ability to allow their spiritual guides to blend with them very deeply. During a trance demonstration you will get to know the guides who will come through and speak to you. Each spirit guide delivers the teachings of the spirit and will give you the opportunity to ask questions. You will sense, hear and feel their very unique and different personalities. You will hear the different voices and their individual and unique tones. At no time does the spirit ever enter the body because it is a blending of energies. Sometimes your loved ones who have passed over and will come through and speak to you through the trance medium. It is a very unique and magical experience to feel the pure essence and energy of the spirit. 

Below you will find our live events programme