The First Step In Spiritual Development

Awareness Circle

Consciousness is to become aware of the inner mind and it is the first step in spiritual development

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What is an Awareness Circle 

A Time For Inner Development of the Psychic Senses 

Awareness is becoming aware of the Spirit within and is the first step in Spiritual Development. All the spiritual journeys begin with ‘awareness’ whatever your interest is this is where we build the foundations. You will be taught how to develop your intuition and how to see the signs which are all around. This can ultimately lead to the development of many spiritual faculties such as healing, spirit communication and so much more! You will be carefully guided in the correct way by experienced Mediums and Tutors; Paul Brereton and Louisa Marie Sullivan. 

When is The Awareness Circle Held 

Our circle takes place on most Saturday afternoons from 16.30 to 18.00 o'clock in Krefeld. 


It is an open circle, so everyone is welcome. 


If you would like to participate, please contact us and we will send you the details and accept your registration. 


Below you will find the next dates.

Below you will find the next Dates for the Awareness Circle 

Dates for Awareness Circle 

Bewusstseins Zirkel (Awareness Circle) Krefeld 

20. Juni 2020 am 16.30 bis 18.00 

Bewusstseins Zirkel (Awareness Circle) Krefeld 

4. Juli 2020 am 16.30 bis 18.00 

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